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Your Hope and Strengthen Your Confidence

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Hope and Confidence prepare you for a future far beyond your imagination.

Judy-Ann Chung, MBA


Judy-Ann is the Brilliance Activator, Confidence/Leadership/Life Coach and Speaker.


Judy-Ann understands and values the power of perseverance, hope, and confidence.

Professionally, she has over 10 years of experience helping clients, colleagues, and mentees move closer to their goals, by identifying and strategically eliminating or bridging the gaps that adversely impact goal achievement. Her corporate background in investment banking affords Judy-Ann first-hand appreciation

of the career challenges women face on multiple levels in work environments. Her personal life experiences further allows her to fully understand the meaning of perseverance, courage and a hope-filled mindset. 


In short, she not only talks the talk, she lives the walk!

It Is Time To Restore Your Hope... 


These days you sometimes find yourself crying because it seems that everyone has it all figured out but you. Who can blame you especially in these uncertain times with the pandemic, layoff’s, and normal daily stressors of life? I know the feeling of hopelessness because I’ve felt it too and I have also conquered that feeling too.


It’s not a hopeless fantasy to be in control of your destiny. Let me suggest that it is actually a hope-filled glimpse of your destiny!


You ABSOLUTELY need to sign up if:

  • You want to have back control of your life, your career, and your finances!
  • You visualize yourself doing the things you love and living the life that you hope for.
  • You have the skills, experience, and knowledge enough to unlock and walk through the door(s)  of change for you and your loved ones. 
  • You want a life that is hope-filled and lived with purpose!
  • You want to shift from temporary survive mode to perpetual thrive mode! 

The thought and vision of a successful and meaningful career stirs-up feelings of absolute excitement, joy, and freedom from the emotional & mental obstacles of life.


You can no longer ignore your calling!...



Your Dreams are too important to be set aside...

At the end of this I would like you at the end of this to be able to set your mind to do something and actually do it!  The truth is you may have even already started on your journey to realizing your dreams, but keep on getting stuck and just cannot seem to figure out a way forward because...


You feel deflated  because you think too much time has been lost.

You feel doubtful of your abilities to successfully achieve your goals.

You feel exhausted by the numerous false starts.

You feel trapped by the fear  thinking that it is too late and time is running out.


So fear is having you replay over and over and over the same old stories, the same old experiences of “what if’s” and past miss-steps - because you are scared that you lack the courage to realize your dreams, however...

Three Core Keys To Fulfilling Your Dreams are:


  • Deciding Enough is Enough!

  • Being Hope-Filled

  • Having Confidence In Yourself and The Process...

You Can Really This...

You Are Enough! 

Yeah!!!!  Taking charge of your destiny requires a new mindset.....


In North America only 31% of women hold leadership positions and Europe does not fare much better with European Union at 30% and Eastern Europe at 35% also Asia is at 28%.


What does this mean for YOU? There are openings for YOU.


First you must overcome your doubts, retrain your mindset, release limiting beliefs, restore your hope and strengthen your confidence. 


By rebuilding your hope and strengthening your confidence, you position yourself to show-up with a higher visible level of ambition and a strong resolve; knowing that you are indeed enough and read to thrive.


The most powerful thing to remember is...


YOU were born confident, though you may not feel like it.


When You Attend This 2-Week Program You Will... 

  • Retrain Your Mindset

  • Better Regulate Your Emotions

  • Develop Healthy Negotiation & Conflict Resolution Strategies

  • Restore Your Hope and Regain Your Confidence

  • ....needed To Take Control Of Your Destiny....

Additionally, you can restore your Infinite Hope and Undeniable Confidence by spending 60 minutes for two days to re-engineer your beliefs and daily thoughts.


Each 60 minutes on both days are packed with the crucial steps that you need to banish fear and procrastination.


Get rid of that impostor syndrome!


By the end of your 2-day course, you’ll have all the tools you need to be successful in your life, career and finances. It all starts in changing how you see yourself.

When You Decide To Take Control of Your Destiny

Then You Will:

Reset Your Mindset

You are hope-filled. Access levels of confidence. Emotionally regulate to respond with the best possible focus.



Get Off the Hamster Wheel

Become unstuck and develop a plan to empower to strategically execute your goals.

Eliminate Your  Roadblocks To Growth

You identify your triggers that hinders your growth.


Glow with Confidence

You are glowing with confidence, high self-value, and  other professionals recognize your unsurpassed talents and skills

Here Are A Few Workshops

What Are They Saying...?

Don't take my word for it!...

Marion K.

Digital Media Content Manager

How do we get this program to reach a massive audience? As the world needs it!

I would recommend  anyone to take the Activate Your Destiny program. Because for me, the first session really made me aware of myself,  my environment & how I can influence it to better suite me. While the second session heighten my awareness, of how do I react/response, as I am not an island; how do I incorporate other people?  Also being taught about the causes of conflict, so you can understand it even before the conflict happens. It is like to be forearmed is to be forewarned, it is like we already know how to become the solution. That really resonated with me.

Suzanne N.

Operations Risk Director 

An informative and thought provoking course that really challenged my way of thinking and has encouraged me to focus on building on and maintaining my confidence in all situations. 

I will certainly use the learning and the new tools I have at my disposal.  One of my core takeaways is the importance of Emotional Regulation. Thanks so much Judy-Ann

Dr. Carla C.

Licensed Psychologist 

Judy-Ann spoke to areas often overlooked related to how confidence is key in navigating life. She was well prepared, knowledgeable and vibrant. Get ready to receive in ways you can't anticipate going in, and see your visions manifest using her strategies to SOAR!!!


We are invested you, so we are pulling out all the stops and offering flexibility not only in pricing, but also at what pace you want to go!!  Can someone say AWESOME SAUCE"!! 

I am READY to Activate My Destiny NOW!

Activate Your Destiny

At My Pace


One-time payment.

Take Control of Your Destiny 





Activate Your Destiny

Live Program


Installment payment option available - Two payment of $149 billed weekly.

The Secret To Activating Your Destiny...

Is unlocking the door behind which are your hidden and/or unused strengths, skills, talents, and resources! They were specifically gifted to YOU, because they are meant to be your fuel and road map to fulfilling your destiny!


Re-set! - Think about What you desire...where you desire to be...what does the top of your mountain look like?


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